Live And Work In Canada – Easy Ways To Make It Happen

It is a known fact that traveling to western countries for greener pastures is the dream of so many people. But the problem is that people go about it the wrong way. Some people have gone to the extent of paying dubious agents as much as six thousand dollars to secure Canadian visa for them whereas they should have availed themselves of the so many programs being offered by the Canadian Government to assist people from developing countries enter Canada and work legally.

One of them is by securing employment and work permit. There are so many companies in Canada that are willing to hire foreigners to work for them. You send your curriculum vitae (c.v) or resume to the company when they have job openings. You can apply online on their web site,e-mail them your resume, fax or post it directly to their office in Canada. If you are lucky to be selected the company issues you a letter of employment and with this you can go to the Canadian Embassy/high Commission to secure your visa and work permit stress free. The embassy will give you visa and allow you to travel and stay in Canada legally because the company must have conferred with human resources and skills development centre (H.R.S.D.C) Canada and they must have instructed the embassy to honour your visa application. With this there is no fear of your visa being rejected. Whether you are a professional in any field, a graduate or even a school certificate holder or that you are skilled in a certain area, for example information technology, nursing, pipeline welding, etc., or perhaps you have wonderful job experience. You might be lucky to apply for a job and be considered, and you travel to Canada stress free. There are working holiday programs etc. in Canada which are also helpful.

There is this wonderful program that enables people from developing countries immigrate to Canada with their permanent residency card (PR CARD) right from their country. Thousands of people have traveled to Canada successfully through this program and it is being offered every year. As long as you went to secondary school and know how to speak either English or French you are qualified to apply for this program. Some thriving communities in Canada like Quebec, Manitoba etc, also nominate people to come to their city to live and work but you first of all have to file an application with them and wait to be considered. Once you are considered you are 100% sure of moving to Canada legally even with your family. Not only that you can get a very good job and not depend on odd jobs because your traveling documents (e.g work permit) are okay.

CANADA is one of the most economically viable countries to live in. Traveling or immigrating to Canada to live and work can be as simple as ABC if one is actually guided on the right steps to take.

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